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Through my experience, having optimal health and a change in lifestyle is the only way to avoid being a victim of any disease. To live optimal you need to add the right nutrition and sometimes the only way is thought supplematioin. 

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Cellgenex is not trying to change the world just one person at a time.

We only use herbs that are organic and ethically harvested and using careful precise and ultrasonic techniques to extracted so as to preserve and protect all of the myriad and full spectrum of nutrients and other active elements.
I have realized the fastest way to stop fearing anything is to understand exactly what it is that I am fearful of. So when I was diagnosed with having fatty liver disease I needed to know what it is and how to reverse it. I started with learning about the liver and in doing so gained much respect for all the life giving work this organ does every minute of every day.

It may surprise you that the liver is the biggest organ next to the skin. When full the liver can hold 10% of your blood and pumps 1.5 liters per minute . Your liver is the regulator of plasm, glucose and ammonia levels. When the levels get out of control these can contribute to a conduction know as hepatic encephalopathy and this can eventually lead to coma. Your brain depends on a healthy liver; healthy liver = healthy brain. The liver produces 700 to 1000 ml of bile everyday. Bile is the key to your bodies’ ability to breakdown food and absorb fats.
The liver performs over 500 different functions; fighting infection, removing toxins and helping to clot the blood are just a few. Your liver is like a battery, it stocks up sugars like energy. Liver conditions from hepatitis to cirrhosis may have little to no symptoms in early stages. That's why you should be educated, and If you are finding some of the symptoms like the inability to lose weight, excess belly fat, brain fog and low energy then there is good possibility that you may have fatty liver disease. 

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